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William B. Funderburk - Clerk of Court


William B. (Bill) Funderburk has served as the Clerk of Court for Marlboro County since January 1997.  He was previously retired from AT&T Technologies where he was employed for thirty years.  Mr. Funderburk is married to Faye Driggers Funderburk.  They have three daughters, Stephanie Monroe, Debra Griggs, and Kristie Hyatt.  They also have three grandsons and two granddaughters.

Mr. Funderburk stated to the local media that his vision for the Clerk's Office is to remain focused on providing the most modern and efficient services to the county.  He stated he has provided fair office practices to both his staff and the community at large.  Some of the services provided by and improved by the Clerk of Court's office include:

•Equal Opportunity Employment
•Diversification of Court services provided, such as the installation of a new imaging system for real estate records that enables in-house copying, thereby saving the county in both money and turn-around time.  The website for public viewing of land records is .
•Continuation of enforcement of child support to include strict sanctions for those who do not pay.
•Posititve collaboration with various local and state agencies continues to exist.
•Redefining computer systems that he initiated to maintain the most modern technology available.
•The provision of internet services linking courthouses across the state which provides access to all civil and criminal records for public viewing at website .

The Clerk's duties also extend to maintaining a positive rapport with court administrators, solicitors, judges, attorneys, and the local magistrates court systems.  These duties have allowed for communications between the respective parties to be enhanced.

The Clerk's Office is also responsible for maintaining various documents such as:  deeds, lawsuits, family court records, etc.  Please click *here to go to the Clerk of Courts Website for additional information.